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When to Visit a Physiotherapist

The question of when and whether to visit a physiotherapist is a commonly asked question.The wide scope of physiotherapy services available to patients can make the answer to thisquestion overwhelming and potentially confusing. If you’ve been looking for information on which services a physiotherapist offers as well asthe signs that may indicate that you need […]

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Physiotherapy Treatments for Lower Back Pain

Almost 80% of people will experience pain in their lower back once or more in the span oftheir lifetimes. Lower back pain can lead to various health complications including temporarydisabilities and limited mobility. In addition, low back pain can affect productivity in otheraspects of your life including work, school, sports, and other important every day

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The Benefits of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a non-pharmaceutical approach to treating different disorders, injuries andother types of health conditions. A physiotherapist’s methods include manipulation,massage, exercise prescription, etc. In physiotherapy, non-pharmaceutical treatment plansprevail over surgery and the use of medicines. The great thing about physiotherapy is that itis for all people, regardless of the age. How Does Physiotherapy Help Patients?

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Revive Physiotherapy & Wellness
“Revive Physiotherapy Clinic is OPEN and we are continuously committed to providing our patients with safe services pursuant to COVID-19 health guidelines.”

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